Provanum AB was founded in 1993 by Thomas Malmberg, who is today the company’s CEO. Thomas came from the engineering consulting company GEKAB and also had a lot of experience from the CAD industry. In the early years, Provanum was run as a consultancy company, helping companies and municipalities with investigations and procurements related to document management. During this period, Provanum did not develop its own products but acted as a reseller for other document management systems.

Four years earlier, in 1989, the company Trix Systems AB was founded by Per Hillerström and Jörgen Frilander. With a background including CadPoint AB in Borås (the Point products), Trix Systems wanted to develop standardised, engineering-oriented software that could be sold through resellers and distributors. The first products were TracTrix, which converted raster objects to vector objects, and Trix DrawingCenter, a document viewer for viewing drawings and documents.

The US company Trix Systems, Inc. was founded in 1995. Two American employees, Paul Sorensen and Chris Sweetnam, teamed up to run the company and sell Trix products in the US, Canada and South America. The partnership continues to this day.

Provanum and Trix Systems merged in 1998 to take it a step further together. Provanum left the role of reseller and began selling proprietary solutions under the Trix product name. New to the product family was Trix Organizer, the digital document archive. This is now the company’s main product.

In 2002, Provanum grew further when the CAD group joined the group. Founded in 1988, the CAD Group focused on electrical design and, as an authorised AutoCAD reseller, has made a name for itself in the consultancy and installation industry. With this addition, Provanum was able to offer even more strong products, industry expertise and really good CAD training.

An introduction to Norway was made in 2005, mainly targeting the real estate industry, and today there are a few Norwegian customers. A similar introduction was made in Dubai in 2008, which led to some Indian customers. Subsequently, this introduction was slowed down by the financial crisis in 2009.

The most recent addition to the company was Referat Fastighetsinformation AB, which was added in 2006. Here came the important link to the field of real estate information. The product Fdok, a simple web archive, was taken over and integrated into the Trix family. With Referat’s expertise behind it, Provanum was able to further refine its products and broaden its target group even further.

The UK office was set up in 2008 following a partnership with the London Export Council. The office is located in the centre of London and has facilitated the establishment in the UK. There is also an English partner established and the market is continuously developing.

Business in the US has been steadily increasing and there are now several major clients.


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