Documenting equipments with Trix AssetManager 7
Creating order in the documentation of equipment,
link to current drawings and documents.
Search by equipment code to find the right documentation.

Documenting equipment and connect to current documentation

Trix AssetManager 7 documents equipment, buildings, spaces and technical data via the reference designation and makes it easy for the user to find related documentation such as drawings and manuals.


Trix AssetManager 7 documents physical assets, such as technical equipment, buildings, spaces, building parts and the like. The scope is determined by the need. These physical objects are normally described in a set of technical documentation, which should be easily searchable. By creating links between the equipment and the associated documentation, operational efficiency is increased. This is because the key management issue in operations and maintenance is to be able to service all equipment quickly and safely, with as little downtime as possible.


Trix AssetManager 7 manages physical objects as well as the link to their documentation. Necessary information can be used as an asset in current work processes, thus minimizing costs through more efficient and faster searching. The equipment in an industrial operation is central to profitability and requires efficient and timely operation and maintenance. And thus the need for easily accessible and accurate information is important, when the need arises in the day-to-day running of the business.


During the preparation work, the physical objects are registered and linked to the relevant documentation. Different search profiles are created, tailored for different user groups, so that each group can find its specific documentation.
The idea is that all related information is maintained in Trix AssetManager 7. Each object is provided with an equipment code with associated description, which can be divided into any number of blocks. The code can be broken into different code blocks according to different international industry standards. These code blocks can be used to build tree objects for overview purposes.
The equipment code is thus linked to all relevant documents and to the components included in the equipment. The different search profiles are also
created. This further facilitates the search.


Trix AssetManager 7 handles all types of standards because the code structure is configured during installation. For example:

Temperaturgivare 1, system =AS103, placering +0121


Trix AssetManager provides effective support in quickly finding up-to-date documentation, so that operations and maintenance are streamlined and both money and time are saved in the business.

  • Documenting equipment and associated components
  • Links the equipment with the documentation
  • Full control of equipment in the plant
  • Efficient and fast access to documents and data
  • Uses existing code structure and supports international standards
  • Makes operation and maintenance more efficient and saves money

Here are some key features:

  • Link the same relevant documentation to the equipment code
  • View current documents directly via document viewer
  • Divide the equipment code into several blocks, down to the component level
  • Describe equipment and components with searchable property data
  • Quality stamp the equipment code before operation
  • Link the equipment code to another system, e.g. for work orders

Trix AssetManager 7 is a cloud-based system that will interact with Trix Organizer 7 for access to documentation. The system stores data in a Microsoft SQL Server.

The system requirements coincide with Trix Organizer 7, see this.


Trix Systems License Manager gives you direct control of your Trix licenses, giving you a quick overview of how many licenses are available by a program and how many of these are used. It is possible to manage the licenses, for example, redistribute licenses or change the number of licenses by adding new license codes.

Client types

Trix AssetManager 7 has several different client types that include different sets of functions. The purpose is to offer affordable packages with functions for different purposes and users.

Trix AssetManager FullEdit

Includes all editing and administration. Includes all functions such as editing, inserting data or managing documents and is intended for those who need to do advanced work in managing documents and information.

Trix AssetManager EasyEdit

Includes editing and simple management and functions such as basic editing, data entry and checking out documents. It is intended for users who need to carry out simple tasks related to modifying and managing documents.

Trix AssetManager EasyView

Includes search, view and print. Is an easy-to-use viewing client that allows users to search for documents, view them and print them. This client does not allow users to modify the documents.


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