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Simple document and drawing viewer without CAD
The tool for you who works with the review of construction work

Reviewing, Approving, and Format Conversion of Drawings

TracTrix 7 is an advanced document and drawing viewer that quickly and easily can display CAD files for users who do not have their own CAD software. It is also used for raster to vector conversion, as well as for simple raster editing. Used to control and approve drawings without the need for CAD software.


TracTrix 7 is designed to help you to convert lines and text in scanned images into editable vectors. Facilitates simple editing of scanned raster files, such as drawings, or converting raster graphics into vector format. This is an excellent tool for maintaining your scanned drawings until they need to be redrawn in CAD format. With this flexible tool, you can easily improve the quality of your drawings at your own pace.

TracTrix 7 is one of the fastest document viewers on the market, and the perfect tool for users who review construction work in a digital environment.

TracTrix 7 is an advanced drawing viewer that stands up well against the competition. It can handle the most common drawing formats and can be used by anyone who does not have application software such as CAD systems. The latest addition to the list of drawing formats is Microstation’s dgn format.

Vectorization of scanned drawings

TracTrix 7 allows you to vectorize or rasterize all or part of a drawing, and to save your edits or vectors in layers superimposed on the drawing. All this together with measuring and control tools, symbol management and text recognition makes TracTrix 7 the obvious choice for the professional drawing management of scanned documents.

TracTrix 7 is used for raster to vector conversion, as well as for raster and vector editing. It has many features, including character recognition of raster text, comparing drawings with each other and creating symbols.

Review drawings without CAD programs

TraxTrix 7 allows you to easily review, annotate and print drawings and other technical documents without having access to the software they were created in. This also means that you and your colleagues can share documents with each other and that collaboration within the company is simplified without the need for expensive CAD software.

Increase the quality of your scanned drawings

High quality of scanned drawings with efficient tools for raster editing and raster to vector conversion. Are you looking for advanced raster editing, automatic vectorizing, rasterization or text recognition? Find all this and much more in TracTrix 7!


Customer benefits pay quickly with a low price and many benefits. Here are some examples to highlight:

  • Allows you to work easily with scanned drawings.
  • A fast, easy and affordable document and drawing viewer with simple editing tools.
  • Annotate files with redline changes and comments, then share them with others.
  • Compare two versions of a drawing automatically and have direct control.
  • Edit and input a drawing and everything will be correct.
  • Work in a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • View CAD files and other technical documents quickly and easily.
  • View discrepancies between different versions of a drawing automatically, which means that you have direct control and can save a lot of time.
  • You can annotate files with redline changes and comments, then share them with others.
  • Work in a simple and user-friendly interface.

Compare with Trix DrawingCenter 7

Feature Comparison DrawingCenter TracTrix
View CAD, JEDMICS & More
Print, Watermark, Text Overlay
Markup and Comment
Convert to PDF
Email PDFs
Compare Drawings
Add Frames & Title Blocks
Take off Dimensions, Areas
Paste Detail into Documents
Add Symbols and Approval Stamps
Save Markups into DWGs without CAD
Take off Angles, Heights Pitches
Vector to Raster Conversion
Raster to Vector Conversion
Raster to Raster Conversion
Change DWG Version
Raster Editing
Orthagonal Adjust, Deskew, Calibrate
Despeckle/Fill Rasters
Run as ObjectARX in AutoCAD

TracTrix 7 has all the tools and features you need to review and use your technical documents.

  • Print the entire drawing, specific layouts or details, in sizes and scales that work for you.
  • Annotate with text, lines, boxes, or clouds to give colleagues instructions, revisions and feedback.
  • Compare two versions of the same document and view the differences automatically.
  • Make surface and length measurements and calculate the sum of areas.
  • Convert AutoCAD files and plot files to PDF, complete with your annotations.
  • Add your own custom watermark or header on your prints.
  • Open both 2D and 3D documents. Pan, remove hidden lines, shade and change 3D tracks.
  • Edit raster entities.
  • Vectorize raster entities.

Trix DrawingCenter 7 supports AutoCAD R12-2021 and file formats dwg, dxf, dwf, dgn, hpgl (plt), pdf/a, as well as more than 100 raster file formats such as tiff, bmp, gif, jpeg, cals and jedmics c4.
System requirements:

  • Windows 10 operating system or later.
  • Support for 32-bit or 64-bit.

Trix Systems License Manager gives you direct control of your Trix licenses, giving you a quick overview of how many licenses are available by a program and how many of these are used. It is possible to manage the licenses, for example, redistribute licenses or change the number of licenses by adding new license codes

Using Trix Systems License Manager, you get an overview of how many licenses are available and how many of these are used.

The Internet is used for licensing. Activation is important as it creates a key to your Trix products. Without license key – no access to the product.

License terms

The different market demands lead to the need for different types of licenses. Terms of the different license types are specified in the license agreement. The different license types are:

Single User License (SUL = Single User License): A single license only works on one computer.

Named User License (NUL): A license for continuously-controlled named users. The difference between SUL is that they are linked to a registered user who can log into Trix programs.

System License (SITE = System-Based License): Licenses for products that are embedded in the customer’s system where license management is not available continuously, but consists of a simpler installation registration in the client. Requires written agreement with the customer and annual follow-up, and intended for large volume customers.


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