Workflow with Trix Workflow Designer 7
Bring Order to Business Procedures
Correct information to the right user at the right time
Design your own workflows and take control

Workflow Design Utility

Trix Workflow Designer 7 is a workflow and change management design application that helps you automate work processes and quality control the lifecycle of your business information. With this module, different Trix products can use standardized procedures within different predefined workflows.


The business must be able to control the document life cycle, for example by allowing documents to adopt different status designations as information in the document is processed, for example when it is approved. Predefined definitions are created, which can be reused and provided with variables and date- or event-controlled triggers.

The definitions in Trix Workflow Designer 7 are not limited in scope and should correspond to the workflow needs of the business. They can contain different information with activities controlled via manual acknowledgements, different triggers or time controls of different types, based on dates. The standardized workflows are linked to different teams of recipients, who each acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the action. The task is monitored to ensure that it is carried out and that it can be passed to the next stage.

Important part of the quality control

This is an important part of the quality control of a task which requires stringent features to ensure that changes are implemented in a qualitative way and according to predetermined procedures. This creates confidence in the business.

In use, it is possible to link to standardized workflows, where different employees are in the workflow from the outset. A special window displays all incoming, current and historical workflows as well as all detailed tasks and activities with their associated process status.


Trix Workflow Designer 7 is necessary to be able to design your own workflows, creating support for the procedures that the business requires. Continuous improvement creates optimized support that leads to higher efficiency and better profitability.

Trix Organizer 7 Designer gives the customer control over what and when information is changed and approved. The quality of information is guaranteed and consumers can rely on its accuracy. Over time, both the quality and credibility of information will increase, which also means a competitive advantage for the customer’s business.

Well organized information flow

The right information for the right users at the right time! Documents and information which are changed can be controlled throughout their life cycle so that the information can be routed to the right users when it is needed. For example, in an operation and maintenance situation when only the relevant drawings are of interest. Working with the right conditions, you could say!

Control information delivery in the project

In change projects, both large and small, it is important that the quality of the change can be controlled in line with the delivery of data sets. By recording these along with signed control plans, both the status label in the life cycle and the actual change request can be recorded to create traceability.


Key benefits of Trix Workflow Designer 7.

  • Optimized workflows with higher efficiency.
  • Information quality is guaranteed by high requirements.
  • You have full control over support for the business processes. Everything can be traced, in every document, project and case.
  • Information is recorded and linked to the person responsible.
  • The high quality of documents and information provides a competitive advantage.

Trix Workflow Designer 7 has functions to control activities and their events. The result is used in Trix Organizer 7, Trix ProjectAccess 7 and Trix AssetManager 7. The functions are made available in these applications and used from there.

Trix Workflow Designer 7 is only intended for defining the workflows.

The functions are used to define the desired quantities that are then used to create workflows. Here are some examples:

  • Define work processes
  • Define domain processes
  • Define phases and status values
  • Link users and groups
  • Create workflows

Trix Workflow Designer 7 is installed separately on the application server with access to the Trix database. The program works in the background as a service to Trix Organizer 7, Trix ProjectAccess 7 and Trix FastDoc 7.

Configuration creates different definitions that can be exported and imported as xml files and moved between different installations.


Trix Systems License Manager gives you direct control of your Trix licenses, giving you a quick overview of how many licenses are available by a program and how many of these are used. It is possible to manage the licenses, for example, redistribute licenses or change the number of licenses by adding new license codes.

Trix WorkFlow Designer uses FullEdit licenses to create and manage workflows. These are then applied to other installed Trix products.

Trix Workflow Designer 7 FullEdit

Includes all editing, management and functions such as editing, data entry and document management and is intended for users who need to carry out advanced tasks related to document and information management.


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