Package for industrial management
Create identifiable equipment
Link these to current documents
Streamline the search of equipment documents

Software package for industrial management of technical information

Trix Organizer 7 Industry Selection provides complete control of the plant’s components and equipment, provides effective handling of these, as well as optimal and secure storage of the information.

Trix Organizer 7 Industry Selection consists of selected program features for effective management of industrial management of technical information.


The foundation of a good industry solution is Trix Organizer 7 Industry Selection, consisting of Trix Organizer 7 complemented and pre-set for industry management through Trix AssetManager 7. It provides the manager with a toolbox to manage documents and information about the industrial operation’s equipment. The starting point is the equipment’s reference designations which can be linked to the current documents describing it. By registering the equipment and dividing it into different components, it is possible to operate and maintain the equipment and to simplify the search for related documentation.

Register equipment

By recording the identities of key equipment, known as reference designations, both their operation and maintenance can be facilitated.

Building reference designations

The reference designations can be divided into different blocks according to international standards. For example, to indicate location, function and component type. And the different blocks can be displayed structured in a tree.

Linking equipment to documents

By linking the reference designation to the documents that account for the equipment, these can be easily and quickly retrieved, for example in an operational mode when rapid action is required.

Link buildings to documents

The plant buildings are also important objects that need to be managed. Its building identity can be linked to current documents.


Trix Organizer 7 Industry Selection creates good order of strategic information, providing extended and controlled access to information about equipment and its components. Savings in terms of reduced time for information retrieval are dramatic. New simplified work processes create the opportunity for leaner organizations and better information control.

Quick document search

By searching using the reference, the relevant documents can be found. Good when quick action is required.

Control on equipment

Through the registration of the equipment, important characteristics have been recorded. This information can then be used for quick access to technical information and planning.

Control on buildings

Buildings can also be registered, with their important characteristics. This information can then be used for quick access to technical information and planning.

Management of maintenance plans

With all the information available in the system, operation, maintenance and its planning can be created.


Trix Organizer 7 Industry Selection contains all the basic functions of Trix Organizer 7. In addition to this, there is a range of industry management features. Here is a selection:

  • Building equipment and component identities
  • Structure these and visualize in trees
  • Configure property fields for different object types according to your needs
  • Link to external systems and synchronise properties
  • Link documents to equipment and component entities

Trix Organizer 7 Industry can be provided with an optional set of properties, linked to equipment and components. These sets can, and should, be structured with current standards nationally and internationally. These properties are formed by fields in the database, which can be adapted to each customer’s needs. Import and export of this data as well as linking via REST APIs is possible.

This creates an advantage in that external providers are familiar with such standards. A well thought-out structure thus creates optimal conditions for better profitability.


Trix Organizer 7 Industry Selection is licensed in the same way as Trix Organizer 7.


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