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Trix Systems AB develops these products in the areas of image processing and document and drawing management. From the very beginning, Trix Systems AB’s business idea has been to develop software that makes it possible for users to more efficiently take advantage of paper drawings, flash cards and other analogue media in their computer environments.

Provanum AB specializes in providing systems, services and support that optimize the handling of engineering-based information. Besides improving efficiency, quality and collaborations, this also results in increased profitability. Under the Trix product name, the company supplies several in-house developed products and the thereto appertaining services.

In the USA, Trix Systems Inc, a subsidiary, acts as a sales office for the American market.

Our shared business idea is based on helping our customers increase the accessibility, and streamline the handling, of information. By increasing the accessibility and streamlining the handling of engineering-based information, we help our customers to be more efficient. Drawings, other documents and engineering documentation are examples of such information. Our Trix products also provide support in customer work processes revolving around changes in engineering documentation and the tasks and quality control measures associated with such changes.

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