Projekt Portal with Trix ProjectAccess 7
Provides vendors and customers with secured access to your project
Regulates and logs communications of files
Manage Files and BIM data in your Projects

Project Portal for Clients and Vendors

Trix ProjectAccess 7 is a project site where document files can be submitted and retrieved and where all necessary project management is carried out. The idea behind Trix ProjectAccess 7 is to conveniently manage digital documentation in response to changes made by external parties. Allowing them to log in to the project archive online simplifies the entire management process while improving quality. In addition, uncontrolled copying and distribution of files can be eliminated, saving a substantial amount of time. The system ensures that incoming document files are managed in a way that prioritizes good organization.


Trix ProjectAccess 7 is a product that enables external employees to download and upload files in conjunction with change management. These employees, who work almost exclusively on a project basis, are usually geographically scattered and come from the most appropriate organization.

Trix ProjectAccess 7 creates projects-oriented structures such as different instances of objects, segments, milestones or similar process objects. Documents are checked out from the archive in order to be able to be changed without affecting current revisions during the course of the project. All necessary project management can be done; for example, project documentation such as meeting minutes and control descriptions can be archived.

At the end of the project, the controlled and approved documentation is checked back into the management archive. After the project documentation is returned to the project structure it can be permanently archived for future traceability.

Streamlining project work

Trix ProjectAccess 7 streamlines your projects by moving documents from the management archive to a separate project structure, adapted to the conditions for each project. The project documentation, which is organized based on current needs and agreements, can be monitored until completion of the project. At that time the revised documentation is reviewed and approved, after which it is entered back into the management archive once again – completely digitally!

Share project information

Employees working on the project can share information through Trix ProjectAccess 7, for example by using a structure consisting of process objects such as stages, milestones or main activities. These objects should reflect the project plan to support a well-organized document management system for the project. A file tree can be created under each process object to facilitate arranging and exchanging files in the project. The file tree is used as a work surface ahead of the formal delivery to the relevant process object. External users can efficiently interact until the next delivery and then submit all documentation with full control based on the checking in, and the manager can begin internal processing and control.

Make documents accessible online

Trix ProjectAccess 7 makes your documents available online to external users. Documents can be “checked out” so that the revision can be carried out without affecting the original in the archive, and without interfering with ongoing management. You save work time by allowing external users to follow a common set of rules, thereby simplifying the entire management process, achieving better quality and eliminating time-consuming steps.  Your documents will be delivered directly to your archive, rather than on CDs with dubiously organized files, or as files sent through your overflowing e-mail system.

Delivery controls

Trix ProjectAccess 7 includes functions for managing internal delivery control. All new and revised documents must be reviewed and approved before they are accepted. This is done in the formal portion of Trix ProjectAccess 7, which means that the control process can be linked to approvals of submissions in the project. The delivery control process is based on the requirements stipulated in the international standard SS-EN 82045. This is a major advantage for quality initiatives and facilitates modern methods concerning digital delivery controls.

BIM in management

Trix ProjectAccess 7 also manages deliveries of BIM information, such as XML files with object information such as space definitions or components. Special features can handle this type of object according to the IFC standard recommendations.


Trix ProjectAccess 7 considerably raises the quality of the submitted documentation because the system forces document providers to register data correctly right from the start. All personal work sorting untidy file structures afterwards is eliminated.

Organized the right way

Your need for strict information management is supported, primarily with the help of a delivery specification. All parties must comply with a set of rules, which reduces unnecessary work afterwards. Incoming materials are sorted and structured as agreed from the outset. The system ensures that incoming document files are managed in a way that prioritizes good organization, for example by entering necessary sorting criteria.

Reduced costs for copying and external sites

Copying and distribution of files via other sites can be eliminated, saving a substantial amount of time. The idea behind Trix ProjectAccess 7 is to conveniently manage digital documentation in response to changes made by external parties.

Focus on the information – not the files

Internal initiatives can then focus more on information content rather than on file administration. Trix ProjectAccess 7 offers functions that check the internal file structure and file relationships of document files. Any adjustments that are necessary can be made before the documentation is returned for management. Formal approval processes can also be carried out, for example to meet formal requirements for approval before payment for work that has been performed.

For all types of partners

All types of partners in the business can benefit from sharing documents. For example, a service partner can be granted access to update documentation for a particular service measure. Some examples:

  • Projects with framework agreement partners, working with multiple objects.
  • Projects with contractors (responsibility outside the organization).
  • In-house operations and maintenance house and to a lesser extent.
  • Operations and maintenance by external parties who only have access to agreed objects.


  • Complete control of outgoing and incoming files in projects.
  • Access to modern tools.
  • No more CDs full of files to sort.
  • Quality of incoming information in projects is higher.
  • No more paying for various project sites since you have a built-in management system.
  • Both documents and file information for BIM can be managed.
  • Work online with external users.
  • Work with your own or external information coordinators.

Trix ProjectAccess 7 has tools to manage changes in documents and information under controlled circumstances, while previous revisions remain available the entire time in their normal archive location in the management archive. All incoming documents are logged in the bulletin board as automated messages, which provides traceability. The information coordinator can manage and gain an overview of all ongoing projects and users.

The system includes a range of tools for managing project files, such as tools for managing and checking CAD files along with their external reference files. These files can also be edited. Other tools enable reviewing and locking approved files, linking new files and much more.

File area for file exchanges

A clean file area can be applied anywhere in each project tree and used for exchanging files. This file area has the same basic functions as the file system, but is stored in the database (though with less rigid metadata requirements). The purpose is to simplify file submission and to focus instead on the information associated with them. Documents and files can then be moved from the file area to the project archive when formal delivery occurs. All of this takes place on the server.

Logging and checking

Internal controls can be carried out on a continual basis, or at the latest when the information is returned and is checked into the archive again. Review and approval can precede payments and completed documents can be checked back into the management archive.

A selection of the features:

  • Upload new files and download copies of files.
  • Create various types of messages.
  • Check files in and out of the project archive for formal delivery.
  • Review and approve files.
  • Lock files.
  • Distribute information.
  • Create templates for project structures.
  • View the files in the document viewer.
  • Share opinions by marking files in red.

Trix ProjectAccess 7 is developed completely in-house. The source code is based on the programming languages C++, Json, Transact SQL and HTML5, and the database engine is Microsoft SQL Server. Our product line includes both standard software and customized solutions for document and information management. The product family has been under development since 1992. The source codes are ultramodern and undergo continuous maintenance.

Web technology

Trix ProjectAccess 7 is based on web technology, so all that the client computer need is a W3C standard compliant web browser such as the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or Apple Safari). It also works on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The new and modern user interface features Microsoft Office-style ribbon menus.

Microsoft database

Trix ProjectAccess 7 works in the same type of database as Trix Organizer 7. This eliminates the need for copying large volumes of files when the project is complete. Better order and absolute higher quality with retained document information, including metadata (data about the file). All files retain their original format and are stored in a field in the database. No files are stored on the hard drive. This guarantees the long-term security of the digital archive and protection from unauthorized access.


Trix Systems License Manager gives you direct control of your Trix licenses, giving you a quick overview of how many licenses are available by a program and how many of these are used. It is possible to manage the licenses, for example, redistribute licenses or change the number of licenses by adding new license codes.

Trix Organizer 7 has several different client types that include different sets of functions. The purpose is to offer affordable packages with functions for different purposes and users.

Trix ProjectAccess 7 Project Admin (FE)

Includes all editing and administration. Includes all functions such as editing, entering data or managing projects and documents. The license and is intended for those who need to do advanced work with managing documents and information.

Trix ProjectAccess 7 Edit User (EE)

Includes editing and simple management and functions such as basic editing, data entry and checking out documents. It is intended for users who need to carry out simple tasks related to modifying and managing documents.

Trix ProjectAccess 7 View User (EV)

Includes search, view and print. Is an easy-to-use viewing client that allows users to search for documents, view them and print them. This client does not allow users to modify the documents.


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