Package for property management
Selected property management features
Manage spaces for revenue and cost control
Link drawing data to real estate systems
Use the drawing as a graphical orientation in your daily work

Software package for property management of technical information

Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection provides complete control of the property’s space and equipment and provides efficient management of its technical information as well as an optimal and secure storage document and information.

Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection consists of selected program features for efficient management of property management of technical information.


The reason for a good industry solution is Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection, consisting of Trix Organizer 7 completed and preset for Property Management. It gives the property manager a toolbox for managing documents and information about real estate. The starting point is the spaces that are the very essence of property management. These can be provided with different properties, used to graphically draw up rent and cleaning contracts and used for various graphical reports, such as energy declarations or fire escape plans. There are also tools for inserting symbols to report positions for different types of equipment, such as fire extinguishers.

Easier view the information graphically

It is easier to graphically view the status of various areas and equipment compared to using a list in a traditional way. This is for example relevant for checking that everything is in agreement, or for operation and maintenance, where a work order describes a maintenance requirement and the drawing shows where the equipment is located.

Create spaces

Whether the drawing is scanned or is a modern cad file, spaces can be created on top of it. Spaces can be created in many different ways, it is possible to import space and CAD files from a project. Or to draw paper drawings to modern cad models while creating all the spaces. These spaces always have area information automatically from the beginning, according to optional standards. It is also possible to 3D-measure the building directly and thus create the information.
Space is shown graphically in the drawing, and with Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection, these can be assigned a room identity and name as well as different characteristics. All types of features can be connected, for example, operating and functional tasks, temperature classification or cost codes. By linking the properties to different accounting colors and patterns, the scope of the properties can easily be considered graphically separately. Then any errors appear clearer than if they are reported in a table. This way, spaces can be managed as important parts of the management, clearly visible through the various graphical reports.

Connect to contract

Space can be grouped into different dimensions, such as contract proposals. These may, in turn, constitute a basis for contracts, for example by transferring to a finance system for contract management and debiting. Contracts can be both lease and cleaning contracts, or documentation of cleaning frequencies and the like.

Connect to equipment

Equipment can be registered and connected to spaces, or to symbols. There are symbols that can be added to the drawing to show the position of the equipment. The symbol is connected to the equipment database, which can handle different types of equipment and components, such as fire extinguishers or fan motors. These equipment and component types can be provided with different features, which can be used to search and find the current symbol directly on the drawing. Or connected to external systems for operation and maintenance. The information is placed on top of the drawing and does not affect the original of the drawing.
Equipment can be handled in many ways, both for planning and troubleshooting, for example through a work order.

Create apartment sketch for rent

Apartment sketches can be generated from a drawing, the sketches can be linked to an external rental system, such as housing rental on the web. The apartment plans are archived in Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection and do not need to be copied to another system. The external system simply asks Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection each time someone wants to see the current sketch. If a drawing is corrected, the sketch will be corrected, so no updating of the external system is necessary because the information is in one place. The sketches consist of a miniature and a sketch with scales that give the opportunity to measure it.

Connect to real estate system

Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection can be linked with modern real estate and business systems. The information flows freely in real time between the systems and the drawing becomes a window to all property-related information.

Several presentation methods

The information can be displayed and processed in windows or lists, and for example, sorted using the available features. The property information from other systems can be seen in the form of graphical representation of space location, rent or cleaning contract and cleaning frequency as well as stent area, snow removal or surface material definitions.

Or as energy declarations and much more. Equipment and components can be represented as symbol representations to represent a placement in reality.

Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection facilitates and supports the need to graphically see what contracts and spaces are available in the business. Because the link is dynamic so that data is retrieved directly from all managing systems, changes will be browsed directly to all users, such as when a contract is created or changed.


Trix Organizer 7 Facility Selection creates good order for strategic information, providing enhanced and controlled access to space and equipment information. Savings in terms of reduced time for retrieval of information are dramatic. New simplified workflows create opportunities for smart organizations and better information control.

Business processes in focus

With the Trix Organizer 7 Facility Selection, a number of key business processes can be supported, especially around information management.

Support to tenants

The tenant reporting a fault, space and equipment information is used to create a work order, with links to relevant information. The basis for change work is created when the work is performed.

Allocation of spaces

The spaces that make up the essence of the business are used to create lease contracts or the like. The utilization rate can be maximized by the graphical reports clearly showing the availability of the premises. And the drawings become a window to the information by linking it further.

Plan for change and maintenance

The notes and detected errors collected provide a basis for a action plan based on the drawing and associated information. A standardization of space types and key figures is created, and linked to spaces or contracts, and can be used for planning and maintenance.

Implement new construction and renovation

The drawings and related information can be used to create a basis for new and redesign. The substructures are checked and revised with support and under the control of Trix Organizer 7 Facility Selection. The entire construction project can be administered with regard to the management information.


Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection contains all the basic features of Trix Organizer 7. This includes a number of features for property management. Here is a selection:

  • Create identifiable spaces on a drawing
  • Insert symbol representing a particular equipment on a drawing
  • Searching and reporting graphically with the drawing as a basis
  • Configure property fields for different object types according to your own needs
  • Connect to external systems and synchronize properties
  • Store documents from external systems

Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection can be provided with an optional set of properties, linked to construction works, spaces and equipment. These sets can, and should be matched to current standards within BIM and based on current needs. Of course, the set may change over time, although a thoughtful structure should be included in the beginning.

Since the set of features is optional, several requirements can be met, both customer requirements and industry requirements.
The strength lies primarily in the fact that all properties can be presented on the various drawings, which are the basis of the presentation in graphical mode.


Trix Organizer 7 Facilities Selection is licensed in the same way as Trix Organizer 7.


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