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Cloud Hosted Document Storage
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Cloud based Document Management

Trix FastDoc 7 is a fast, simple tool for anyone who wants to archive, search and view documents. No installation is necessary because everything is done directly online.
Trix FastDoc 7 is a web-based document archive that allows you to access your documents wherever you are, as long as you have Internet access. Since you access the tool online, you can use it from day one without worrying about any complicated installation.


Trix FastDoc 7 was designed for users who want a simple and easily accessible document management product. The program can meet the most common needs of users who require organized documents. All functions are optimized for easy archiving and accessibility for one or several users.

We handle all work associated with maintaining the digital archive. We take care of all aspects related to archiving, maintenance, software updates and archive content, as well as user support. For example, when documents are modified in new construction and renovation projects, we are available to provide support from experts in everything related to document management, information control and CAD technology. And we offer all of our other services online at agreed prices.


Trix FastDoc 7 satisfies the need for an easy-to-manage, highly accessible archive for technical documents. Besides being easy to use and understand, it is also easy to reach via the internet. Simple functions maximize user satisfaction; we manage more complex functions as a service.

Eliminates work duplication

Documents are updated in the system in real time and users have access to the information for which they are authorized. This eliminates the risk of work duplication and unnecessary costs. Overviews and checks ensure that information is correct and up-to-date. Anyone in charge of a budget knows that saving time saves money.

Structured information creates added value

Investors want good documentation about objects of interest and welcome structured document archives. An investment in professional information management usually pays for itself many times over – for example, in real estate sales. Document overviews reach an entirely new level with a well-developed document archive. A user-friendly interface gives total control over the user’s place in the document structure.

The document viewer

The built-in document viewer is a server- and html5-based feature that we call Trix DeepZoom. It sends rendered images to the client, not the entire application file, leading to extremely faster processing. The images consist of many small parts that very quickly generate the whole image in the web browser. Even if the drawing is large and detailed, response times are extremely fast. The small parts are generated immediately when the document file is registered in Trix FastDoc 7 for the first time, and each time a new version is created.

  • The built-in document viewer handles, for example:
  • AutoCAD support, reads DWG, DXF, DGN, HPGL and raster files
  • Full support for external reference files in AutoCAD and Microstation
  • Support for PDF files, including pdf/a

Many functions are available for various red changes such as, creating revision clouds, drawing, making notes and length and area measurements, marking areas on the drawings, making scaled prints and much more.

There are actually two document viewers, one that shows a preview and one that shows a detailed document, which you can zoom and pan in.

Work securely with external parties

Accessibility also extends to the customer’s partners (consultants, subcontractors, etc.), who usually are not on the customer’s premises. Providing them with access to the documentation they need for their work is easy and they can just as conveniently return the documentation when the job is done. We can also monitor the quality of inward deliveries as part of our service package.

Cloud-based server

You don’t have to administer the digital archive. We take care of servers and databases. You can access your documents wherever you are. All you need is an Internet connection. Uncluttered, user-friendly interface. Designed for easy handling – we take care of the hassle. Anyone can enter comments when errors are found. And it all works over the Internet! Central archiving gives you secure protection against unauthorized access. Our specialists are on hand to provide support via telephone, email or web whenever you want or need us.


The built-in document viewer is central. It generates a preview and a detailed drawing that has full zoom and pan capabilities. Users can enter notes, mark changes in red and use revision clouds, as well as select areas of drawings.

Archive structures

Archive structures are built up using folders in an entirely customizable order. Different icons can be used to distinguish and highlight different type of folders. Each folder dynamically displays the number of drawings it contains.

Create documents

Documents are easily created with drag-and-drop functionality. Registration is automated as far as possible; usually a content description and information classification are entered and the rest is taken care of automatically.


Reports are created using a simple built-in tool for generating printouts with personalized symbols and forms. And printing is always to PDF!

A selection of the features

  • Search, view and print documents using the built-in document viewer.
  • If you find errors, make redline changes and add annotations so that the errors are documented.
  • Highlight areas for spaces or plots of land.
  • Drag-and-drop new document files and enter search metadata
  • Share documents online with other people.
  • Check out files online to consultants
  • Optional functions are available through our function module system, which allows additional needs to be met as they arise.

Trix FastDoc 7 is developed completely in-house. The source code is based on the programming languages C++, Json, Transact SQL and HTML5, and the database engine is Microsoft SQL Server. Our product line includes both standard software and customized solutions for document and information management. The product family has been under development since 1992. The source codes are ultramodern and undergo continuous maintenance.

Web technology

Trix FastDoc 7 is based on web technology, so all that the client computer needs is the W3C standard compliant web browser of your choice (e.g. the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or Apple Safari). It also works on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The new and modern user interface features Microsoft Office-style ribbon menus.

Microsoft database

Trix FastDoc 7 is a database system in which all documents are included on a Microsoft SQL Server database. All files retain their original format and are stored in a field in the database. No files are stored on the hard drive. This guarantees the long-term security of the digital archive and protection from unauthorized access.

Built-in document viewer

The document viewer is an HTML5-based server service that creates small images (renderings) that represent the document itself. It handles communication by creating and displaying both images and changes marked in red. The server service requires hardware-based GDI functions on the server for graphics handling and a separate server is recommended for large installations. Because the various renderings are completed in advance in the database and can be used directly with no waiting time for generation, the service cuts down response times for the user.


Everything takes place on the server, so local installation is unnecessary.


Trix Systems License Manager gives you direct control of your Trix licenses, giving you a quick overview of how many licenses are available by a program and how many of these are used. It is possible to manage the licenses, for example, redistribute licenses or change the number of licenses by adding new license codes.

Client types

Trix FastDoc 7 has several different client types that include different sets of functions. The purpose is to offer affordable packages with functions for different purposes and users.

Trix FastDoc 7 EasyEdit

Includes editing and simple management and functions such as basic editing, data entry and checking out documents. It is intended for users who need to carry out simple tasks related to modifying and managing documents.

Trix FastDoc 7 EasyView

Includes search, view and print. Is an easy-to-use viewing client that allows users to search for documents, view them and print them. This client does not allow users to modify the documents.

Trix FastDoc 7 LightView

Includes search and view. Allows users to search for and view documents. It is designed for extremely easy access to information where the aim is just searching and viewing.


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