Secure Management with Trix Organizer 7
Securely manage drawings, documents and engineering data
Control exactly what users can see and do
Full featured functionality for all conceivable needs

Engineering-based document and information system

Trix Organizer 7 is the complete digital document and information archive for storing and managing technical documents and engineering-based information. It is designed for optimal management of drawings, but also handles all other types of documents. For optimal operation, it provides all the features to securely store, search and view approved documents and other engineering information. The system was created in 1995 and is used by both Swedish and international companies. And is available for both Windows and Web.


Trix Organizer 7 creates complete control over document and information archives, secure storage and efficient management of technical documents and engineering-based information. For your optimal operation, functional support is provided for all procedures to securely store, approve, search and view documents and other engineering information.


Trix Organizer 7 creates a digital archive, which is the cornerstone of modern and efficient document and information management. You can easily search the archive, view the information in the built-in document viewer and keep track of who accesses it, when it has been changed, by whom and the current audit. Backups are always available, and long-term archiving complies with current archiving standards.

The centrally located archive avoids the need for the administration of multiple archives, the information is in one place, with all its revisions. No files lying all over the place and creating confusion about the current version. Storage is secure because the database locks the information and makes it available according to a predetermined authorisation scheme.


Trix Organizer 7 combines documents, structural objects such as buildings, equipment, components, cases, projects and actors. The combination is created according to your needs and offers fast, efficient and qualitative search results to those who recognise that good order of information benefits their business.


Trix Organizer 7 is designed for managing technical documents and engineering information of all types. All kinds of files can be archived in the system. Documents are filed with optional search information for easy retrieval of the latest approved revision or any combination of search information. Complicated cad structures can be handled, simplifying the task of drawing users who want to find their drawings using proven methods. Links can be created between information so that related searches can be made, for example searching for a component and finding related documents – or vice versa!


The built-in document viewer is a server-based feature we call Trix DeepZoom. It sends rendered images to the client, not the entire application file, which leads to significantly faster processing. The images consist of many small parts that very quickly generate the whole image on the screen. Even if the drawing is large and detailed, response times are extremely fast. The small parts are generated immediately when the document file is registered in Trix Organizer 7 for the first time, and each time a new version is created.

There are actually three document viewers, one that shows a preview image, one that shows a detailed document that can be zoomed and panned, and an advanced one that handles the entire application file.


Trix Organizer 7 displays the information determined within the company. By putting all incoming documentation and information through a review procedure, employees can be confident of its quality.

And can avoid seeing other information that has not yet been approved for use.


Users can be divided into groups or roles, with varying tasks and access to information. A group can be given responsibility for and access to the editing of a particular type of document and information. While other groups can only read it.

This division helps to create the appropriate scope of documents and information to be accessed by the members of the group. Not only to prevent access, but also to simplify work by not displaying unnecessary information.


The main advantage of Trix Organizer 7 is the accessibility to search and find the information and the time saving that results from it. Documents become easy to find and reuse for all parties. Finding the right drawing or document is quick. Direct access to documents and information for all users in the organization shortens costly internal time.


Trix Organizer 7 creates the conditions for good strategic information management, which becomes available with just a few keystrokes. Fast and secure access to the information contained in documents is also a strong competitive advantage. The entire organisation becomes much more efficient with well-structured and easily accessible information. An engineering-based business can spend a large part of its working time searching for information, so there is a lot of time to be saved here.


Trix Organizer 7 can be customized for both large and small needs, as well as for different industries. The set of features is extensive and is made available according to the user’s needs. The system is customizable and by combining add-on modules and user groups, an optimal solution can be developed for the needs of different industries. Start with a simple solution and then simply purchase additional functionality as needed. There is a range of add-on modules to add functionality.

Customer benefits

Customer benefits pay off quickly with a properly executed implementation, where needs, available features and functionality are allowed to dictate. Here are some examples to highlight.


Trix Organizer 7 creates good order for strategic information, creating extended and controlled access for new groups of users who did not previously have this access. Savings in terms of reduced time spent retrieving information are dramatic. New simplified procedures create the opportunity for leaner organizations and better information control.


Trix Organizer 7 creates the conditions for good information management. This in turn gives the business organization control over the information needed to optimize its competitiveness. And good conditions to make decisions on correct background information. Competitive advantages that can be crucial for a profitable business. Strategic information becomes available at the touch of a button. Fast and secure access to the information contained in documents is a powerful competitive tool.


Trix Organizer 7 gives more users the chance to search and find the information themselves. Documents become easy to find and reuse for all parties.

More people also have access, which increases the opportunities for collaboration through the redlining and annotation features available on documents. It becomes easy to reproduce errors that are detected, for example a drawing where the error is detected in the field. And the quality of information can therefore be increased step by step.

The whole organisation becomes much more efficient with well-structured and easily accessible information. An engineering-based business can spend more than half of its working hours searching for information, so there is a lot of time to be saved.


Trix Organizer 7 forms the toolbox for the necessary procedures required for implementation in daily work. There are functions to manage workflows and procedures as part of quality management. The procedures should be part of an overall business process, describing the operations and management systems. Quality management systems are an increasingly important competitive tool, as quality requirements make the difference between a good or bad end product.


For those who want to market profitable quality products with complex and large content, quality management is required that controls high and continuous quality. A number of interrelated activities must be defined and controlled, which is done with procedures in a flow.

The most effective way to manage these requirements is through document and information management. In this way, the various audit projects can be managed with full control over review and approvals. This supports high quality over time.

With this support, the quality of the information can be controlled and the whole solution can become part of a quality system.


Key benefits of Trix Organizer 7:

  • All documents and information are stored in a central database, providing secure and robust storage of your organization’s documents and information
  • You create access entirely according to your, and different users’ needs
  • You get complete control over all your engineering information
  • Always the right version, for the current need and at the right time
  • Eliminates the risk of duplication of effort
  • The quality of information is improved and secured over time
  • Traceability of changes is created, always see when it is changed and by whom
  • Can support many different engineering processes through configuration
  • Easy and user-friendly interface according to different users’ needs


  • Built-in document viewer and thumbnails let you see the documents
  • You can print documents to scale, even zoomed in
  • Collaborate over notes and annotations on documents
  • Everyone can create notes when errors are found on a document
  • Customised reports, a quick way to get information out according to your needs
  • Permission control per user or group, allocate information according to need and confidentiality
  • All information is protected and backed up
  • Central archive management provides secure protection against unauthorised access
  • Multiple interfaces available for integration with other computer systems
  • Links to external computer systems are available


  • Controls who can see and edit what, and when
  • Logs all changes, when and by whom
  • Generates real-time reports on document status
  • Controls check-in and check-out of documents
  • All document distributions are logged
  • Ability to select user license as needed
  • Add modules as needed over time


  • Keeps track of your work in progress, reminds you which
  • Always finds the latest and correct version
  • Collaborate on documents through annotation and redline features
  • Customise the user interface, searches, filters and favourites to suit your needs
  • Distribute documents through email distribution lists
  • Get a quick overview through thumbnails and previews of documents


  • Where is the document I am looking for and how do I find it quickly?
  • Which version of the document is valid?
  • How do I find it without having to ask a colleague?
  • Are these documents proposed actions or approved documents?
  • What drawings are there that belong to this equipment?
  • How will I be able to keep track of all the revision work in progress?
  • Can I see who made the last change, which looks incorrect?
  • Would it be useful to be able to group documents without moving them around in the archive?

Fundamental is the extensive availability of both simple and advanced functions, which are used to support various engineering processes. The mix of simple and advanced has been created to allow the system to handle the breadth of information and different users within an engineering operation.

Trix Organizer 7 contains a wide range of functions for different situations in daily work.


  • Document management
  • Equipment management
  • Space management
  • Project management
  • Workflow management
  • Case management
  • Archive management
  • Metadata per document/information type
  • Efficient search in multiple ways and steps
  • Build in document viewer and thumbnail generator
  • Filter function to reduce selection
  • Dynamic folders after search selection
  • Redaction functions and document annotation
  • Upload publishing files easily
  • Editing
  • Check-in and check-out of documents
  • Version/Audit control
  • History and traceability
  • User authority
  • Print to scale
  • Dynamic cropping for printing
  • Document collection and aggregation
  • Document privacy and security


The built-in document viewer is very fast and handles, for example:

  • AutoCAD support up to version 2022, reads and prints DWG, DXF, DGN, HPGL and raster files.
  • Full support for external reference files in AutoCAD and Microstation
  • Support for pdf files, including pdf/a
  • Functions are available for red changes, creating revision clouds, making notes, length and surface measurement, scalable printing and smooth handling of both external references and CAD models.


  • Search, review and print documents with the built-in document viewer
  • Quick filter for reducing the hit list
  • Quick view options for documents
  • If you find errors, make red changes and write notes to document them
  • Print at scale, even in zoomed-in mode
  • Mark areas for spaces or land areas
  • Share documents with others over the Internet
  • View document list as a list or document thumbnail
  • Graphical search from images or maps


  • Build folders according to your own structure
  • Create metadata per document or information
  • Edit directly from the system
  • Version control according to standardised methods
  • Controlled check-in and check-out
  • Distribute document copies directly via email
  • Multiple search options from simple to pure SQL
  • Filtering in several ways to reduce the hit list
  • Move to historical archive
  • Customise the user interface by assigning functions
  • Create Windows standard template libraries
  • Selection lists save common scopes
  • Distribution lists save common mailings
  • Retrieve reports, such as document list and list of borrowed documents
  • Create document collections or integrated document sets
  • Connect to workflows
  • Several add-on modules for more functions
  • Create workflows that monitor completions


  • Creates history of changes
  • Always creates the standard pdf/a1 format according to ISO 19005
  • Full handling of files from AutoCAD and Microstation
  • External reference files are handled correctly
  • Links drawing stamps to metadata back and forth
  • Document can contain several different files for different purposes
  • Creates custom copies of the main file for different purposes
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office so that property fields are transferred in both directions
  • Permission control and privacy features
  • Statistics functions for system administration
  • Secure database storage

Trix Organizer 7 is based on a technical platform consisting of established standards. The source code base is based on the programming languages C++, Json, Transact SQL, html5, and the database engine is Microsoft SQL Server. In our product range you will find both standard applications and tailor-made system solutions for document and information management. The product family has been developed since 1992. The source codes are state-of-the-art and are continuously maintained.


Trix Organizer 7 is based on web technology, so all that the client computer needs is the W3C standard compliant web browser of your choice (e.g. the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or Apple Safari). It also works on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The new and modern user interface features Microsoft Office-style ribbon menus.


Trix Organizer 7 is a database-driven system, where all documents are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database. All files retain their original format and are stored in a field in the database. No files are stored on the hard disk. This ensures that the digital archive is secured over time and protected from unauthorised access.

By backing up the database, a complete copy of all documents and data records is obtained. No information exists outside this copy, creating data security.


The document viewer is an HTML5-based server service that creates small images (renderings) that represent the document itself. It handles communication by creating and displaying both images and changes marked in red. The server service requires hardware-based GDI functions on the server for graphics handling and a separate server is recommended for large installations. Because the various renderings are completed in advance in the database and can be used directly with no waiting time for generation, the service cuts down response times for the user.


There are installers for both the server part and the client part. Microsoft SQL Server must be pre-installed, and if web clients are to be used, the Trix Web Server must also be available.

Simple installation can use default values during installation, but there are many possibilities to create advanced installation options. There is support for load balancing and separate database servers and application servers. This type of installation requires our support.


Trix Systems License Manager gives you direct control over your Trix licenses, giving you a quick overview of how many licenses are available of an application and how many of these are in use. It is possible to administer the licenses, for example reallocate licenses or change the number of licenses by adding new license codes.

Trix Organizer 7 has several different client types that contain different sets of features. The aim is to offer affordable packages of features, for different purposes and users.

Trix Organizer 7 FullEdit

Includes all editing and administration. Includes all functions such as editing, inserting data or managing documents and is intended for those who need to do advanced work in managing documents and information.

Trix Organizer 7 EasyEdit

Includes editing and simple administration. Includes functions such as simple editing, making red changes and notes, inserting data or checking out documents and is intended for those who need to do simple work of modifying and administering documents.

Trix Organizer 7 EasyView

Includes searching, viewing and printing. Is an easy-to-use review client that allows you to search for documents, review them, make red changes and annotations, and then print them. This client does not allow you to make changes to the original document.

Trix Organizer 7 LightView

Includes simple search and display. Includes search and display functions. It is intended for very simple access to information where the purpose is to search and view only.


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